Services Provided

I am a clinician with over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. Having earned a Certificate in Child and Family Forensics from William James College in Massachusetts, I also specialize in working with High-Conflict Divorcing Families in a variety of roles, both facilitative and evaluative. Please click on the tabs listing my specialty areas of practice for more information about my work and experience in these areas.

I believe change happens as a result of increased consciousness. Becoming aware of what motivates us, how behavioral and relational patterns have been created in our lives, and the ways we have adapted to life events and circumstances helps us understand more about the way we live and relate. We also come into the world with our own set of unique strengths and vulnerabilities. Gaining insight into this interplay of history and innate qualities helps us gain awareness about the ways we interact with ourselves and others, giving us more opportunity for conscious choice.