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Ariella Goodwine Fisher, MFT provides therapy and counseling services on the Peninsula including San Mateo, Belmont & Burlingame
Parenting Plan

When a couple who is actively raising children goes through a separation and/or a divorce, their relationship continues but transforms into that of co-parents. Parenting plan mediation is meant to help you with this transition and define what this new relationship will look like while keeping the focus on the business of raising children in the new family system.

In my role as a Mediator, I can help you to design your Parenting Plan. One of the benefits of mediating is that we are able to take the time to design a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your particular family. We will discuss pragmatic issues including, but not limited to, time share and holiday schedules as well as the more nuanced issues of navigating the co-parenting relationship including, but not limited to, what rules should be shared between households and what is ok to decide independently of one another.

Mediation is typically a confidential process, unless the parties agree otherwise. Once all of your agreements have been reached, I will draft a Parenting Plan Agreement that can be filed with the courts.

I do not mediate financial issues such as Spousal Support or Child Support but can work in concert with attorneys and financial mediators.