collaborative Ariella Goodwine Fisher, MFT: Collaborative Practice and Divorce Coaching
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Ariella Goodwine Fisher, MFT provides therapy and counseling services on the Peninsula including San Mateo, Belmont & Burlingame

Parenting coordination is a hybrid legal-mental health role that combines assessment, education, case management, conflict management, dispute resolution and, at times, decision-making functions for co-parents who find themselves stuck in chronic conflict. Parenting coordination is a child- focused process conducted by a licensed mental health or family law professional, or a certified, qualified or regulated family mediator under the rules or laws of their jurisdiction, with practical professional experience with high conflict family cases. As your Parent Coordinator (PC) I will assist you in implementing your parenting plan by: (1) facilitating the resolution of disputes in a timely manner, (2) providing you with education as to the lens through which your child may view and/or experience the family conflict, particular to his or her age and stage of development, and (3) make decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract that will be created by you and your co-parent prior to our work together.

Parenting coordination is for coparents who chronically struggle to jointly make parenting decisions, communicate effectively and/or to comply with parenting agreements and orders. A PC seeks to protect and sustain safe, healthy, and meaningful parent-child relationships. A PC makes recommendations and, if authorized, legally binding decisions for coparents and may report to the court. .