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Ariella Goodwine Fisher, MFT provides therapy and counseling services on the Peninsula including San Mateo, Belmont & Burlingame

Going through divorce or separation can make you feel isolated and alone, unsure of where to turn for support and advice. Unlike the conventional legal process, Collaborative Practice offers you a team of skilled and compassionate professionals. Each expert in their own fields, the team members help you manage the many aspects of divorce- the legal issues, the emotional turmoil, the concerns for children and the financial and property questions. With such support you’ll feel more in control of the process itself, and better equipped to begin a new life afterwards.

Children may suffer most from divorce and be least able to understand or express their feelings. Their world is being turned upside down in ways that they cannot begin to comprehend. Communication with parents may be difficult, if not impossible. A goal of Collaborative Practice is to assure that children are a priority, not a casualty. As your Child Specialist, I will meet with your children to assist them in expressing their feelings and concerns about the divorce. After meeting with your children, I will summarize their feelings, hopes and concerns and present them to you and your team in the context of their age and stage of development so that you can consider this information when planning for the children’s lives.

Divorce is a major life transition. While it marks the end of one part of your life, it is also the beginning of another. To learn more about Collaborative Divorce Practice in San Mateo County, please visit