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Ariella Goodwine Fisher, MFT provides therapy and counseling services on the Peninsula including San Mateo, Belmont & Burlingame

The way in which a family unit functions is informed by the norms that have been established over time- often over multiple generations.  Additionally, the way in which any part of that system (individuals or subsets of the family) operates can impact the functioning of the whole system. 

Family therapy can be helpful when a particular way of doing things that once worked well, no longer works as well or when one part of the system is changing and significantly impacting the way in which the group as a whole operates.   These changes can have an impetus from or have an affect on family of origin (the family unit one was born into) or family of creation.  I have experience working with many families including, but not limited to, blended families, young families seeking help establishing healthy norms in their newly created system, multi-generational families seeking to improve relations between adult children and their parents, families transitioning to life with adolescents or young adults. 

Every family is different and, therefore, there is not a single treatment plan that fits every family.  In order to provide treatment that is tailored to the needs of any particular family, I meet with the various family members- sometimes together and sometimes separately- and gather assessment information (this includes historical as well as current data). A treatment plan is then laid out that I believe meets the needs and goals that have been presented. 

Recommended Reading

The Intentional Family: Simple Rituals to Strengthen Family Ties, by William J. Doherty